About the Big Bust

Why Big Busts are Awesome

You want to have larger busts and you are willing to do everything to boost your bust to satisfy you. What are exactly the reasons the big cups are so awesome:

Bigger bust are more beautiful. Busts are feminine and the bigger it is, the more you have your femininity. They make you feel and look more beautiful with the bigger breast figure.
Men love big breast and women and women love to be adored by men.
It is such a boost of self confidence when women have a curvy figure. This classical beauty is also in the notion of the modern beauty.
Great dress will look extraordinary on you and you would not have to miss those beautiful dresses just because you do not have enough to fill the bustline.
You would not need any accessories anymore because those full breasts that you have will already become your own accessories.

Why Large Breast can Sometimes be Annoying

Well, there is always two sides of the story. Large and full breast area something that most women are hoping for but at the same time, they have their own disadvantages. The first one would be attention. Some women prefer not to have as much attention but when they are born with big breasts, attention is unavoidable. Then there will also be a challenge in sport.  It is never easy to be involved in an activity that will make your breast bounce and finding the perfect sport bra would also be quite difficult. The bra needs to be able to support the two big busts. Even finding the regular bra would be a challenge. Most of the big bras will not have beautiful designs. They often seem like those nursing bras, how do you thing that you will look attractive with these oldies looking bra? http://jennybolton.org

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